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Canadian Art For Sale

Jacobus Van Houdt: Canadian Art For Sale

If you’re looking for beautiful Canadian art for sale, be sure to visit my website and check out my online gallery today. I am a self-taught artist from Winnipeg, Canada, and have been pursuing my passion for art since an early age. My Canadian art for sale is created through a variety of mediums, including ink sketches, acrylic paintings, and watercolor. My travels have majorly influenced much of my artwork, and I have recently traveled to all seven continents.

You’ll also notice the influence of symbolism and impressionism in much of my work. Many of my pieces have been featured in multiple galleries and exhibitions, and have produced art to benefit several local charities, including Osborne House and The Dream Room Project. In 2021, I began to build new partnerships with local galleries as I work toward future exhibitions so that I can share my work with Canada and the rest of the world.

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