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About My Paintings For Sale

If you’re looking to buy art online, be sure to visit my online store and gallery to discover some of my paintings for sale. The Transcendence collection details my personal catharsis and has helped me overcome a variety of challenges and difficulties in life. Through painting and sketching, I create stunning paintings for sale that meld fantasy with inspiration from many of my favorite childhood movies.

I use mediums like acrylic, watercolor, and ink to create my own worlds and share them with others. I combine fluid lines and bold colors to design new realms and use my art to be a vehicle for change. Half of the proceeds from my Transcendence show have gone towards the Arcane Horizon organization. This organization helps people with developmental disabilities by providing community support that helps them live their best lives. Please be sure to explore my website to buy art online.

Transcendence was my debut solo exhibition with 46 different pieces on display that range from sketches and acrylic paintings to watercolors. The show was featured on CTV Winnipeg and resulted in a radio interview with CBC Radio. There were also mentions about the show on Virgin Radio Winnipeg. Only 13 pieces remained of the original 46 on display, and $2,494 was donated to Arcane Horizon.

As a self-taught artist from Winnipeg, Canada, I am always pursuing my passion for art through various mediums. Heavily influenced by symbolism and impressionism, you can find many of my paintings for sale at the online gallery, or feel free to contact me to find out more. I’ve worked in multiple galleries, including Keepsake’s Art Gallery, Studio Luna and the Cre8ery. My work has been featured in a variety of exhibitions like Great West Life and several charities, such as The Dream Room Project and Osborne House.

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