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Jacobus van Houdt is a self-taught artist from Winnipeg, Canada. From an early age Jacobus has pursued his passion of art through various mediums including ink, watercolour, and acrylic. Symbolism and impressionism have had heavy influences on Jacobus’ work, as well as his travels–having traveled to all seven continents.

Jacobus has had works in multiple galleries including Estudio Luna, Keepsake’s Art Gallery, Konstlobbyn, and the cre8ery. His works have also been featured in numerous exhibitions including those in Great West Life and in benefit of local charities including Osborne House, The Dream Room Project, and Arcane Horizon Community.

In 2021 Jacobus van Houdt held his first solo show “Transcendence” at the cre8ery, becoming one of the best-selling shows at the gallery in a decade. The show was in part a fundraiser and half the proceeds were donated to Arcane Horizon Community, a non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities.

Jacobus’ art has now found homes across North America, Europe, and Australia as he continues to reach an international audience. Currently he is preparing for his debut at the Winnipeg Fine Art Fair, April 2024, as well as growing partnerships with galleries locally and abroad.

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